Monday, 5 August 2013

Paranormal Activity Stafford

(source: Staffs Past Track)

Yesterday this clip was sent to me by the guy who runs a Facebook group called "New Spotted Stafford". Usually, videos of orbs in peoples homes don't really impress me, but as this one comes from a gentleman who lives in a city that boarders Cannock Chase, and as he is a relatively reliable source, I thought i'd post it on the blog and see what people make of it.

You might have to watch the video on full screen to see the objects, but I think it will be worth it.

As these type of clips go, I think this is quite a convincing one, the orbs appear to be moving too fast to be dust particles, and they're movements are too linear to be smoke. 

Could this really be evidence of paranormal activity in whatever form?

Feel free to comment on this post with any suggestions / conclusions. I know the guy who sent it to me really wants to know what you all think.

Thanks guys!

Catch you soon,


Unmanned Drone At Castle Ring

The Iron Age monument at Castle Ring on Cannock Chase has long been an area associated with unusual and unexplained happenings. Werewolves and other monsters are heard and even spotted at the hilltop location almost every year, leaving many local residents fearful of treading on the ancient site after dark. With UFO sightings also occurring there on a monthly basis, I place the ancient site at number one on the Cannock Chase weird list.

A friend uploaded this video to YouTube yesterday and it sincerely blew my mind. It has always been very difficult to accurately describe the Castle Ring monument as it is so damn big. Although there are a few aerial photographs knocking around online, non of them really show the site as a whole, and non of them seem to capture the atmosphere of the location - this video does!

So, give it a watch, and if like me, you think it is a fantastic clip, spread it around.



Sunday, 4 August 2013

It Fell From The Sky

A Cannock Chase resident took this photograph during a particularly bad downpour. She claimed the creature fell out of the sky and landed in her garden. Not recognizing the species, and perplexed by the origin of this alien-looking beast, I was contacted. 

Luckily, thanks to great minds like DR Karl Shuker, the creature was soon identified as a Hawk-moth Caterpillar. This one was apparently ready to shed his skin which helps explain the strange colour and eye shape.

Although the lady believed it had fallen out of the sky (certainly not impossible) it seems much more likely that it fell from a tree in the garden during the heavy rain and lightening.

I didn't really much know about these odd little guys before, but thanks to the picture and the curiosity it caused, you'll be glad to know i'm now a fountain of Hawk-moth knowledge. 

And in other "thunderstorm-related" news....

Over the last few days, with the summer rain falling hard on England, I had a strange feeling that some UFO reports might come in, and it seems I was right....

Local news website Connect Cannock has reported on a UFO sighting from only a few days ago. Although details are sketchy at the moment, I have contacted them and am currently waiting for the witness to get in touch. I hope i'll be able to uncover some more details for you within the next few days, but until then, here is what we know so far:
"A Connectcannock follower contacted us reporting a potential UFO sighting in the Chase area. The object was described as being a turquoise colour before changing to white, and flying erratically through the sky."
"Is coincidental that the event occurred at the same time as a strong thunderstorm passed through the area?"


Reporting back soon,

Keep watching the skies...... except if it's raining freakishly large insects  ;)

Friday, 26 July 2013

Huffington Post Mention The Pig-man

(Source: Huffington Post)

"Deep in the woods of Cannock Chase, England, where sunlight doesn't venture and animals don't frolic, there is one creature that roams: The Pig-Man.

In a town also known for its frequent werewolf sightings, Cannock Chase has a long history of eerie happenings, according to the BBC. As early as the 1940s, the Pig-Man -- a half-human, half-swine, and full terror of a creature -- has allegedly been seen by those brave (or perhaps dumb) enough to venture into the woods. Witnesses recall a human body in tattered clothes, a distorted face, an unmistakable snout and the shrill squealing of the Pig-Man heard miles away.

And now one man has reportedly solved the mystery of the nightmarish Pig-Man.

Lee Brickley has spent over a decade researching and hearing first-hand accounts of the Pig-Man, according to the Birmingham Mail. His findings are now published in his new book on strange phenomena, "UFO's, Werewolves And The Pig-Man."

In it, Brickley explains that the Pig-Man is less of a diabolical, disgusting humanoid and more of an urban myth.

The Mail reports that a recent email sent to Brickley from..........more

Full Article HERE

Or here:


Close Encounter 1954 - Staffordshire

(Credit: BBC)

I came across this video a couple of years ago, and have never been able to discover the identity of the lady witness. It is a clip from a show called "Out Of This World", first broadcast on the BBC in 1977. Although I imagine the woman above may not be with us anymore, she talks about her sons who were apparently also present during this otherworldly "encounter". 

There must be lots of people out there who are familiar with this story, and possibly many who know the lady's identity - so if that's you, get in touch, I'm interested....

When you watch the video I'm almost certain you will agree that: at the very least, this lady believes she is telling the truth about her experience. In fact, if she is lying about the whole thing, the acting job being undertaken is truly worthy of a golden globe. 

It is not clear from the video how close to Cannock Chase the sighting took place, but the program does state "Staffordshire" and from the visible scenery in this video, it looks suspiciously close by. 

She speaks of seeing a "huge Mexican hat" shaped craft, manned by two beautiful, golden haired, Nordic type beings, hovering above her house whilst her children were present. To me, she seems relatively trustworthy and this makes her account incredibly fascinating.   

So please, take a look at the video, let me know what you think, and if you have any additional info, drop me a message. 

Until next time......

Written by Lee Brickley 2013

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Return Of The Black Eyed Children

Some of you may remember an article I posted on this blog a couple of month's ago about an encounter my auntie had with a black eyed child on Cannock Chase in the early 1980's. Well, yesterday whilst sifting through my email inbox I came across a very interesting message from another local lady who claims to have seen this terrifying entity in the woods. I had to write an article on this, not least because the sighting is so similar to my aunties encounter over 30 years ago.

Mrs Kelly (pseudonym) relays that:

.....around 2 months ago my daughter and I were walking through Birches Valley (an area well known for it's spectral sightings) when we heard the screams of a young child. I couldn't tell if it was a boy or a girl, but they definitely seemed in distress and sounded very close to us, so we instantly started running towards the noise. We couldn't find the child anywhere and so stopped to catch our breath, that's when I turned round and saw a girl stood behind me, no more than 10 years old, with her hands over her eyes, like she was waiting for a birthday cake. I asked if she was okay and if she had been the one screaming, she then put her arms down by her side and opened her eyes, which is when I saw they were completely black, no iris, no white, nothing. I jumped back and grabbed my daughter, when I looked again, the child was gone. It was strange really, I knew something was going to happen, even before it did, I just had a weird feeling.....”

So what is it about these black eyed kids? Where do they come from?

Well, if you look around on the internet and read a few books you'll find many different theories as to their origins. Some people believe them to be extra terrestrials, vampires, ghosts and even inter-dimensional entities, but there is one immense difference between the sightings of black eyed children around the world and the stories coming out of Cannock Chase: only on Cannock Chase do the sightings consistently happen during the daytime.

In the U.S many reports suggest that black eyed children often appear in groups, regularly knocking at the door's of unknowing victims and asking quietly if they may “come inside”. Some other stories tell the tale of these devilish children appearing in the back-seats of cars when a driver is travelling alone at midnight, or walking around on empty early morning streets asking anyone around for help, but I wonder what would happen if you offered them your assistance? What would happen if you let them inside your house? Not many people know, but there are a few reports knocking around, like this one, originally posted in I let them in, the one who needed the toilet just walked in and straight up the stairs so I shouted up its on the right, I don’t know why I didn't find this strange but most toilets are upstairs and as he was young I didn't think anything of it. I told the other one that the phone was down the hall, “thanks” he said and he started to walk down the hall, I followed him and then I suddenly came over with a really awful feeling like something bad was going to happen, I became very nervous and a bit shaky I still cant explain how that happened, the boy stopped at the phone and paused, “everything OK?” I asked, he turned to me and looked up and that’s when I saw his eyes, and trust me I will never get that picture out of my head, I was so scared that I couldn't even scream as I turned to run down the hall the other kid was standing at the end." 
"I became very dizzy and struggled to stand up, he walked closer to me and said that they had been sent to collect me, I still couldn't bear to look into his face, I pushed away from him and ran into my front room and slammed the door shut, I was in so much shock about what was happening I couldn't think straight, this is something that you don’t even expect to happen even in movies. After standing against the door for around and hour or so I finally got the courage to make a run for the back door, so I ran to it and unlocked it, I ran to the back of my garden and jumped over the fence not once looking back.....”

Very frightening indeed.....

Of all the paranormal phenomena experienced on Cannock Chase, black eyed children have to be the most eerie by far. The only advice I could offer anyone who comes across these unhallowed, unrelenting and unsympathetic strays is: start running while you still can!

Until next time my friends.........

Written by Lee Brickley – 2013


Exclusive video interview below....

If you'd like to know more about paranormal sightings on Cannock Chase, you can pick up a copy of my new book “UFO's Werewolves & The Pig-Man: ExposingEngland’s Strangest Location – Cannock Chase” from Amazon UK & US

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Human/Pig Hybrid In England: On Cannock Chase

"It's a chilling rhyme, with a veiled warning, that has been recited by children of a mining community for over 70 years.

“When night falls, enter the woods at your peril,

“For inside lurks something worse than the devil.

“Avoid at all costs the gathering place, where at midnight the pig-man roams on Cannock Chase.”

Since the 1940s, the pig-man – half-man, half-swine – has allegedly been spotted trotting through the Staffordshire beauty spot, a haven for paranormal activity, his haunting squeals echoing across the heather at dusk.

And one man has dedicated a decade of his life to discovering if there’s substance to the Black Country myth – or if the pig-man’s just all pork, sorry, talk.

Lee Brickley, from Cannock, has gathered eye-witness accounts for his debut book, UFOs, Werewolves and The Pig-Man: a veritable A to Z of The Chase’s weird and wonderful. It’s a crackling read.

Lee, aged 27, is convinced the truth is sn-out there."

Full Article HERE

Massive thanks to Mike Lockley from the Birmingham Mail! ......... What a guy!

Thursday, 11 July 2013

UFO's Werewolves & The Pig-Man Out Now!!

Well, it's all been building up to this. From today my new book about paranormal events on Cannock Chase in Staffordshire, England has been released on Amazon!!

You can get hold of it here: U.S Orders
                                          U.K Orders

Here's what some other researchers have to say about Cannock Chase:

"Cannock Chase has long been known as a UFO hotspot and a place where all sorts of other paranormal phenomena have occurred. It's one of the UK's most mysterious locations and might even get into a global Top 10 list of spooky sites, alongside such places as Area 51, Roswell, the Bermuda Triangle and a few others." - Nick Pope, MoD UFO Project, 1991-1994

At first glance, Cannock Chase is a wonder to behold with its amazing and abundant natural beauty. However, there is another part of Cannock Chase that dwells within the shadows. A place where madness has substance and nightmares have their own perverse allure. Cannock Chase is as mysterious as it is beautiful. It is a place where the veil is thin, allowing brief glimpses between this world and the next” - Paranormal author Tim Swartz

"A high plateau bordered by the Trent Valley to the north and the West Midlands to the south, the huge and picturesque Cannock Chase has been an integral feature of the Staffordshire landscape for generations. There is something deeply weird about the Chase: it has strange and monstrous inhabitants in its midst. Werewolves, large black cats, aliens, spooks and spirits, Bigfoot, wallabies, wild boar, and huge snakes have all been reported from within the depths of these mysterious woods..." - Nick Redfern, author of many books including Monster Diary and Wildman

"Cannock Chase has been the centre of many unusual sightings over the years. The Cannock Chase Beast' is probably the most legendary phenomena, but other supernatural horrors have been reported as well. Unknown hominids and serpents reportedly haunt the infamous forest, creating caution for those who travel through it” - Fortean author Lon Strickler;

"Cannock Chase is like a slice of the ancient medieval forests that covered England. Somehow this world within a world has survived in the heart of modern industrial Britain. Should we really be surprised that some of its 'residents' are so strange?" - Cryptozoologist Richard Freeman

Lee presents a fascinating and detailed insight into Cannock Chase and the mysteries that surround this region. His understanding of the area and strong local knowledge offer any reader and fan of the unexplained the chance discover why this area plays an important role within the UK's rich history of the unknown” - Colin Hall, author of Fact or Fiction? The Paris & M6 Crashes

"UFOs, werewolves, orbs, more monsters than an old Universal Studio film. Cannock Chase has them all, and now Lee Brickley is bringing them all into your living room in his exciting new book." - Brad Steiger, author of hundreds of best selling paranormal books

I really hope you all enjoy reading the book!

Until next time my endlessly supportive friends.........

Written by Lee Brickley - 2013

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

An Evening On Cannock Chase

With my new book "UFO's Werewolves & The Pig-Man" due for release within the next couple of weeks, I thought perhaps it would be appropriate for me to spend one last evening UFO spotting and monster hunting on Cannock Chase, luckily my good friend and professional photographer David Reeves was still in town so my night was not spent alone. 

At around 11pm we began making our way towards the ancient Iron Age monument known as Castle Ring where many UFO and werewolf sightings have occurred. This was a warm summers night, so we were shocked to find the area completely deserted, but essentially glad to have some peace and quiet. 

We set up a couple of cameras looking out across the sky, towards the Pye-Green tower, armed ourselves with torches and sat waiting, and boy did we wait. It would appear July 4th has never been a particularly good day for the English (joke), still, we had both heard some strange noises coming from the surrounding woodland, so we chose to go mobile with the cameras and investigate.

Interestingly and as a little side point, my grandmothers ashes are scattered under a tree at Castle Ring, and the picture above was taken when pointing the camera in her direction. See the orbs? In total I took 5 pictures of that tree and two display orbs. I'm not totally convinced about white balls of light on photographs being some kind of entity, for me the jury is still out on that one, for the moment I will sit on the fence, but I have to admit the image above looks rather odd.

We hiked into the thickest area of forest within a reasonable distance from Castle Ring, a place I would not have gone alone had David not volunteered his time to accompany me. Whilst walking down a path with considerable overgrowth, I began to take more photographs in the hope of finding something interesting when I returned home. Now, I think I did actually capture something strange, take a look at this......

David and I both know exactly where we were located when this picture was taken, and can both say with 100% certainty that we were in total and complete darkness, there was no red light. So what could it be? Well, you can never rule out any unidentified light being a reflection caused by the camera's flash, but having been back to the location during daylight hours, and finding no reflective material lying around at all, we can evidently rule that hypothesis out. So could this really be something or someone trying to communicate? Perhaps, it's certainly caught my attention now anyway. 

At around 3am we called it a night, but not before hearing more weird noises coming from the surrounding area of trees. This time they sounded like a man walking towards us, but just as the sound of footsteps would appear nearer, they would seem to head off in a different direction, very much giving us the impression we were being watched. It was most definitely time to go, and we did so promptly. 

Let me know if you have any opinions on the origin of the red light in the photograph above, i'd be interested to find out the general consensus among the readers of this blog.

Cannock Chase is a fascinating and sometimes mystifying woodland, I really hope you all enjoy reading about it in my new book.

Until next time my friends.........

Written by Lee Brickley 2013

Friday, 28 June 2013

UFO's Werewolves & The Pig-Man

UFO's Werewovles & The Pig-Man

The last few months have been incredibly busy for me, I've written, edited and formatted my first book which I can now announce will be published on July 22nd . So, I thought it was about time for me to release the eye-catching front cover, designed by my good friend David Reeves. I really can't thank David enough for his time and effort – cheers mate.

As one chapter of my life draws to it's inevitable close I feel endlessly optimistic about whatever the future holds. Writing a book is no easy task, but the entire process has been a total pleasure for me. I'd like to take some time out to thank all the people who have offered their help and support. So a massive thank you to Nick Redfern, Brad Steiger, Timothy Green Beckley, Tim Swartz, Colin Hall, and perhaps most importantly: the people of Cannock Chase for sharing their stories, without you this book would never have been written.

So what comes next? Well, I'm booked on a few radio shows over the next few months and I'll be lecturing at a couple of events (more info soon), but essentially the baton has now been passed to you. I'll be posting links to the book upon publication, so keep your eyes peeled, I hope you will find it interesting – I certainly do.

If you've enjoyed reading my posts on this blog, please subscribe or follow, as there is still so much more to come. Thus far I have refrained from mentioning many of the more recent paranormal cases from Cannock Chase, simply because I don't want to spoil the book, but as soon as the release date comes around, I'll be posting brand new sighting reports and eye-witness testimonies that could well shock and even mystify some readers. So far you've only had a very brief outline of the events taking place on the Chase, this will soon change.

That's about it from me today, I've just got a small request for all my friends: please share this article, post it to you're social media, do whatever it is you amazing people do, and I'll be back with more updates and perhaps even a publication date countdown very soon.

Until next time my friends …..........

Written by Lee Brickley 2013

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Cannock Chase UFO Sighting 1996

It's just a quick one from me today. I thought perhaps some of you might be interested in this UFO sighting report I received.........

NAME: Richard B******


SIGHTING DETAILS: In Summer of 1996 (maybe June, around 730pm) I witnessed, along with other people a UFO in Chadsmoor, Cannock, Staffordshire, UK. I was on a bank on the common between the moon under the water and the nest pubs and I witnessed clearly, a silver flying saucer shaped object with reflective orbs/lights around it. It was hovering at landing plane height above the Church in central Chadsmoor, from here it shot to my right and re-appeared around half a mile further towards Cannock. It re-appeared again above the church and seemed to disappear and reappear in the same pattern or just hover for around half an hour. There were visible planes in the sky at the same time. It was not a plane, and its speed of movement was beyond recognition.

I get quite a few people contacting me with sightings of this nature as you will know if you've read through some of my other posts. Still, I intend to look into this instance a little further, so if anyone remembers seeing anything strange in the sky in 1996 – please get it touch

Thanks guys,

Until next time.........

Written by Lee Brickley 2013

Monday, 17 June 2013

The Penkridge UFO Crash / British Roswell

One of the more famous UFO cases associated with Cannock Chase happened in the spring of 1964, and involved an unidentified craft that reportedly blew up in the skies over mainland Europe. A small part of the craft landed in West Germany and another much larger part landed close to the small town of Penkridge. It is alleged that three bodies were recovered from the crash site at Cocksparrow Lane by both RAF and NATO intelligence services.

Now, I feel it is necessary for me to point out that the information only came to light fully in the 1990's after Leonard Stringfield, a U.S Naval officer, released the files of a retired third class U.S Navy source, who was stationed in the Caribbean at the time of the incident and had intercepted a secret Soviet transmission. He explained that the Russian message mentioned a UFO malfunctioning and crashing to earth in the West Germany and Penkridge locations. What makes the story even more credible is that there have actually been some witnesses come forward.

In Nick Redfern's book Cosmic Crashes, we are told of an interview undertook by Redfern with a local man who claims that, not only did he see the object that night, but he even took photographs of it. He went on to state that he had witnessed first hand, the craft being covered in a tarpaulin and lifted on to an aircraft transporter. The story became even more sinister when the man added that, as he drove up-close to the object, he was stopped by a roadblock that was manned by police officers, RAF personnel and the Army who duly forced the temporary confiscation of his camera. The officers removed the film before returning it and sending the gentleman off in the opposite direction. 

Perhaps the most astonishing revelation came just before Redfern met with him. On the morning of the arranged interview the witness reported to have received a phone call from a Ministry of Defence department, telling him not to speak to the interviewers about the incident. Redfern, cynical at first, managed to establish validity by directly tracing the call back to an operator controlled by the military. The informant had also been given a phone number to call, and this number turned out to be from the MoD Guard service at Whittington Barracks, Lichfield. Strange stuff eh?

You would expect perhaps that an incident like this, that obviously involved many different people from many different agencies, would have been recorded in some way in Ministry of Defence files? - Unfortunately not. The only references I can find in the released files are Freedom of Information requests from members of the public asking for information about the incident, to which they always get the same reply - “the information you requested is not held by the Ministry of Defence”.

We must remember however that the MoD is very much a government department, and these places have a long history of cover-ups and lies. Do you honestly believe that if the British Government or Security Services had evidence of craft from outer-space they would see fit to tell us about it? I certainly don't.

In my view the whole situation with MoD released files can be seen as crooked. If you've ever read the book by George Orwell called 1984, you will recall the main character Winston had a job in which he was tasked with changing history and limiting people's reality by making certain adaptations to their newspapers and books, to suit the current policy of their oppressive government. He would change names, remove people and even completely delete stories from public knowledge by editing the limited information available to the masses.

I would like to propose the argument that this could be what the Ministry of Defence, and indeed all government departments for that matter, are doing under the mechanism of the Freedom of Information Act.

There is no doubt in my mind that something definitely did happen on Cannock Chase in 1964, the U.S Navy files alone prove that, but with our overly secret government, and their obsession with the suppression of knowledge and technology, we may never know the truth.

Until next time .......

Written by Lee Brickley 2013

Monday, 10 June 2013

Demonic Black-Eyed Children

UPDATE: Paranormal investigator Lee Brickley is now crowdfunding for a documentary on the Black Eyed Child sightings from Cannock Chase, England. Please show your support HERE

In the summer of 1982, my auntie was 18 years old. She and her friends would often meet and “chill” (her word, not mine) on Cannock Chase in the evening time, probably in much the same way many teenagers still do today. One of the groups many pastimes involved donning horror masks and attempting to scare away couples, who often used the area for illicit liaisons.

During one such evening, at around 9:45pm, just before dark, my auntie, several times, heard a little girl frantically shouting for help. Rushing to locate the sound, she stumbled upon a dirt track and caught sight of the 6-8 year old girl, running in the opposite direction, shouting “help mommy help”. Immediately my auntie started to run after the child, but was unable to keep up pace. During the pursuit, she tripped and received a huge gash in her toe, but still she continued to run. By now it was getting dark and the little girl had reached an area of very densely planted, thick and bushy trees. She turned around to face my auntie, looked her dead in the eyes, and then ran off into the dark, compact woodland. At this point, probably very wisely, the decision was made to give up.

Upon returning home from hospital (she had to get that toe seen to), my auntie was advised that it would probably be a good idea to call the police and let them know what she had witnessed. She did so, and was told by the investigating officer, to stay by the phone. At 7:30am the following morning, the household was awoken by a whole team of police personnel with tracker dogs, who asked her to show them exactly where she had seen the little girl. They hadn't received any reports of missing children and, in the end, didn't find anything, but thankfully it seems the police take any sighting of this nature very seriously. At the time, no one really had any reason to believe anything paranormal was going on, the girl certainly appeared to be of flesh and blood. It was only later, when discussing the incident with a neighbor, that my auntie was made aware of Raymond Morris's 1960's child killings in the area. Sufficed to say, this revelation really spooked her.

Although there have been many other sightings of this nature in the area, and I certainly don't completely rule out the theory that they are indeed the “ghosts” of children murdered by Morris, to me it seems that, as these children often appear to be completely solid and never really show any unusual qualities, their origin could lay squarely in the realms of the occult.

I have already discussed the Cornovii tribe (people of the horn) and their fascination with satanic ritual and human sacrifice. That was 2000 years ago, but still their legacy continues. It is fairly common for people to see groups of hooded individuals chanting and drawing pentagrams in the dirt to this very day, although I am not suggesting they would harm a child, as it states clearly in their doctrine that “the ninth rule of the Eleven Satanic Rules of the Earth is: Do not harm little children”. However, we know that Satanists like to conjure up demons, and which entities are their number one preference? You guessed it – Child Demons.

Demonic Children are, for the most part, considered to be the offspring of upper-level evil entities (although some are demon/human hybrids). They look like mortal children but are described as pure evil. Generally regarded as extremely dangerous, their powers are known to become even stronger with age. Take for example “Cambion”, also known as “The Devils Brat”, who, in medieval England, often took the form of a devious child, leading unknowing victims on a wild goose chase, frequently resulting in their death from a steep fall or something of the like: sound familiar?

In my mind it seems likely that even if my auntie had continued to chase that little girl, she would never have caught her, because it wasn't a child at all, but an evil force, planning to do away with my own family member. So it is a good job she gave up when she did. Imagine what could have happened if she had stayed out any longer. With darkness falling quickly in that relatively remote location, she could have easily lost her way. The woods can be extremely disorientating at night. Then what would have happened? 

Alone in England's spookiest woods with a demon-child: a situation to avoid at all costs, I think you will agree.  

Peace out my friends. Until next time ............


Exclusive video interview below....

(If you would like to find out more about Black Eyed Children and paranormal events in Cannock Chase, check out my new book: UFO's Werewolves & The Pig-Man - Exposing England's Strangest Location - Cannock Chase)

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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

The Cannock Chase Panther

(Image: Wikipedia)

Since the 1970's literally hundreds (if not, thousands) of big cat sightings have been reported from within the Chase's mysterious plantation, often by seemingly rational and trustworthy witnesses. In truth, these accounts have received more publicity within the national and international press than any other phenomena reported in the area, so predictably this is a very hot topic that creates a whole load of controversy – something I’m a huge fan of.

In 1976 the Dangerous Animals Act came into force in England, which made it illegal to keep fierce and predatory creatures as pets without a licence. The problem was though, many people already had these animals, and thanks to parliament, they were now breaking the law. Without having much choice in the matter, pet owners far and wide began releasing their ferocious, wild beasts into secluded countryside locations. Unfortunately, many of these animals would have struggled to survive unaided in England, however, is it possible that some species were more suited to our climate than others? Have exotic cats been breeding secretly for the last 40 years? Some journalists and researchers would argue that the evidence suggests they have.

(Image: Wikipedia)

To illustrate the reality of this situation, in 1989 the body of an Asian Jungle Cat was found in the town of Ludlow, Shropshire (around 25 miles outside of Cannock Chase). Some people believe that this jungle cat and others like it could have mated with local domestic felines, creating a race of super-moggies who still roam the peaceful countryside to this very day, although the serious research community are notably divided on the issue. World famous zoologist and cryptozoologist Dr Karl Shuker, who has written many books on the subject of mystery cats in Britain told a popular television reporter that “from the condition of it (the carcase) and the age, it had been in the area for quite some time. Many people had reported seeing an animal like this, but they hadn't been believed until the body was found”. This suggests the cat had more than enough time to breed, but although sightings do continue in the area, no further hard evidence has been uncovered.

For the most part, when people in England use the word “panther”, they are referring to Melanistic Leopards, and in some cases Puma's or Jaguars. However, in other places around the world, the word is used to describe a whole plethora of different big cats. So in reality “panther” is not a very good descriptive term, and many witnesses probably use it incorrectly. However, local people have adopted the word, and so for the purpose of this section, I will continue to use it.

In 2009 the Express and Star newspaper reported that an expert, who had been advising the police about the existence of big cats in England’s woodland's, said that he believed Puma's have been breeding on Cannock Chase since the 1940's, and again dubbed the area a hotspot. The article went on to state that, only a few weeks previously a deer had been found dead, after having been dragged into a ditch, with two puncture holes to the neck – trademark signs of a big cat attack. Also, another man from the village of Norton Canes had stumbled upon, and subsequently taken photographs of, a huge paw-print within a week or two of the incident, which measured at an astonishing 5 by 6 inches. 

I have spent a couple of days searching for the Panther on Cannock Chase myself, but found little more than dubious droppings, which may or may not come from the local deer population. I have however, unearthed some brand new sighting reports that will be included in my forthcoming book about the area. 

The lack of hard evidence for the existence of this woodland beast is somewhat perplexing, but if it is just an urban myth, why do so many people send in sighting reports? They have nothing to gain from such claims as far as I can see, so for the most part, must we conclude they are genuine?

Until next time my friends........

Written by Lee Brickley 2013

Monday, 20 May 2013

UFO Sighting Report 2013 - Blue Lights At Hednesford Part 2

I spent the best part of yesterday at the home of Mr Graham, who reported seeing some strange blue lights in the sky, travelling vertically up and down near Hednesford last week. Upon my arrival, Mr G seemed very open and glad to speak with me. With some minor pleasantries out of the way, and a cup of tea in my hand, we headed into the lounge to talk about what exactly it was that he saw. If you didn't catch my post containing his initial sighting report, here it is again..............

NAME: T*** Graham


DATE: 1/5/13 - (May 1st for any U.S readers)


LOCATION: Hednesford Hills

DETAILS: My son and I were out using our RC plane on Hednesford Hills last night and we saw some lights in the sky. At the time listed above, we saw four bright blue lights moving up and down vertically in the direction of Littleworth Road. We tried to get some pictures but my phone is quite old so they look rubbish and you cant see anything on them. I don't know if you might have any idea as to what it was it was? I've personally never seen anything like it. It was almost as if the lights were running up and down a wire attached from the ground to the sky.

Mr G confirmed everything in that report was correct, but also added some very interesting info: upon returning home an hour or so after the sighting had taken place, both he and his son heard the rumbling sound of helicopters overhead. Rushing to their windows, they saw two, double bladed, black helicopters flying towards the sighting location. This will no doubt get even weirder when I tell you that I, myself, have seen these helicopters on a number of occasions over the last few months. In-fact I've been spotting them so frequently that a couple of weeks ago I decided to start keeping a camera on the windowsill, and yesterday afternoon when I returned home from MR G's, I managed to get a photo of one.

So what are they doing? Well, these helicopters are new to the area, and in all my years of living here, I have never seen double-bladed military style machines flying over before, so are we to assume they are indeed connected to Mr G's UFO sighting? And if they are: do we presume they are in some way related to the origin of the sighing? Or could they simply be investigating it like the rest of us? Who knows, but all this activity is certainly raising local eyebrows.

If you live or work in the area and you see one of these helicopters, please take photographs and send them to me for publication on this blog. I'll also try to snap as many as I can over the next few weeks, so if you'll work with me, we might be able to determine where these crafts are coming from, and what it is they think they are doing. Large helicopters have appeared on an almost daily basis recently, is this a sign that something significant has happened? Or maybe it's about to happen? The military certainly seems interested in something!

As to the origin of MR G's blue light sighting, I must admit I’m at a loss. His description cannot be explained away with any technology we know to exist, so I have to conclude he either saw a genuine UFO, or stumbled upon some top secret military experiment associated with those choppers. Still, I'm sure this is not the last we will hear on the matter.

Until next time comrades,

Peace and Love

Lee Brickley 2013

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Cannock Chase Sightings On The Radio

Yesterday (15th May 2013) I had a really interesting chat about Cannock Chase with Steve and Susanne from KTPF Community Talk Show

Check it out!

Check out their website and listen to their show every Wednesday night at 8:00pm GMT

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Friday, 10 May 2013

UFO Sighting Report 2013 - Blue Lights At Hednesford

It's just a short post from me today. 

Whilst taking a break from editing my forthcoming book last week, I noticed a new sighting report in my email inbox from a gentleman who resides in the small town of Hednesford. As my workload is pretty heavy at the moment, I will be unable to meet up with Mr Graham until next week, but he kindly gave me permission to publish his initial report, so here it is.....

NAME: T*** Graham


DATE: 1/5/13 - (May 1st for any U.S readers)


LOCATION: Hednesford Hills

DETAILS: My son and I were out using our RC plane on Hednesford Hills last night and we saw some lights in the sky. At the time listed above, we saw four bright blue lights moving up and down vertically in the direction of Littleworth Road. We tried to get some pictures but my phone is quite old so they look rubbish and you cant see anything on them. I don't know if you might have any idea as to what it was it was? I've personally never seen anything like it. It was almost as if the lights were running up and down a wire attached from the ground to the sky.

Mr Graham's claims can be seen as very interesting, not least because Hednesford Hills is widely known to have been an area of ritualistic importance to England's ancient druids. It is also only a mile or so away from Castle Ring and the Pye-Green Tower, so we shouldn't be too shocked to hear odd things occur in this location. Reports of unexplained lights in the skies around Cannock Chase are becoming more and more frequent in recent times, could this be a sign that something extraterrestrial is afoot?

I will report back next week on my meeting with Mr Graham. Perhaps then I might be able to shed some more light on the matter. Until that time, if anyone else saw anything odd on May 1st this year, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Peace Out!

Written by Lee Brickley - 2013

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Ghosts and Monsters of the German Cemetery

One of the less frequently mentioned facts about local history is that Cannock Chase was widely utilized by the British military during both World War 1 and World War 2. In 1914 a decision made by the governments War Office led to the construction of two huge training camps that soon changed the peaceful landscape forever. Over the following years a quarter of a million troops passed through the Chase on their way to fight on the front-line. The structures contained manufactured shooting ranges, railways, bombing ranges, power stations and even shops, which provides a good indication to their vastness.

Alongside this, a camp was constructed nearby that held many German prisoners of war. By 1917, enemy pilots shot down over the U.K were forced to live and work at the location under British military supervision. This must have been a rather odd thing for the people of Cannock to get their heads around, not least because the prisoners were often forced to work in the community, helping out on local farms etc. This practice, although dropped at the end of WW1, was revitalised when the Chase was re-utilized for the fight against Hitler.

Cannock Chase played such a prominent role in wartime England that on October 16th 1959, a deal was struck between Britain and the Federal Republic of Germany, which saw 5000 German and Austrian corpses transported to the area from the farthermost corners of the British Isles. The government's agreed that it would be considerably more compassionate for any visiting relatives, if all their countrymen’s graves were in the same, easily locatable place, so work on the site began.

By June 1967 the cemetery was complete and open to the public. Undoubtedly this had a very positive impact on Anglo-German relations, and so we should consider it a good thing. That said, I would imagine moving 5000 bodies from their resting places can create a whole wealth of supernatural disturbances, and that indeed seems to be the case.

Even to this very day, many people report witnessing ghosts in military uniform in and around the cemetery, sitting on gravestones or standing silently in full attire. A lady contacted me recently who claimed that, whilst walking near to the burial ground, she witnessed a group of soldiers in 1940's uniforms casually strolling. Apparently the “Phantom Brigade” instantly disappeared when she blinked. Stories of this nature are certainly not uncommon, however some of the other reports definitely are.

In 2007 the local press began reporting on a series of potential Bigfoot/werewolf sightings in the area, inspiring many paranormal groups to investigate. Numerous stories came in from members of the public, postmen and even a scout-leader, which surly makes the sightings interesting at the very least. Oddly, after a year or two, the reports seemed to stop, but was this just the corporate controlled media getting bored? Do the sightings continue?

Well, as you know, I am currently just finishing my book about Cannock Chase so I feel able to answer that question plainly and simply – Yes, the sightings continue, in fact I have dedicated an entire chapter to them, so if you're interested and want to know more, watch this space.

You can also check out Nick Redfern's latest article on the German Cemetery HERE

Until we meet again.........

Peace Out!

Written by Lee Brickley 2013

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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

In Search Of The Wolf-Man

The Encyclopedia Mythica defines a werewolf as “a man who is transformed, or who transforms himself, into a wolf in nature and appearance under the influence of a full moon”. It goes on to say that “the werewolf is only active at night and during that period, he devours infants and corpses”.

Now, I understand completely that under a normal set of circumstances these statements would generally be considered true, but Cannock Chase is undoubtedly a paranormal portal area like no other. Although there have been many wolfman-like sightings in recent years, rather oddly, a number of the cases I've investigated have occurred, not during the solemn radiance of a serene full moon, but at the early onset of the bright and bustling daylight hours.

No-doubt this somewhat hairy revelation will pose more questions than answers in the mind of the truly ardent researcher. Folk may say that the appearance of werewolves during the daytime is a ludicrous, even foolish, impossibility, but are they heedlessly overlooking something profoundly important? In the case of Cannock Chase, I think they may well be.

One report I received came in from a gentleman who, on the morning in question, while walking his Labrador Retriever around the ancient Iron Age hill-fort at Castle Ring, heard the distinct sound of abnormal and unearthly howling coming from the surrounding damp and misty woodland. So loud was the noise, that his dog immediately began to draw back and cower in fear. Mr Chapman recalled that, upon glancing into the shadowy trees he saw two bright, fiendish yellow eyes glaring menacingly back at him. This was enough to seriously spook Mr C and, in his own words, he promptly “ran like the wind”.

Castle Ring 2013

Another report involved a group of 3 teenagers who, whilst stopping for a cigarette break on a popular car-park near to the village of Brocton (a place that describes itself as the Gateway to Cannock Chase), witnessed the understandably terrifying sight of what they described as an “oversized, upright, wolf” rummaging through a litter bin. Luckily, at a distance of around 20 meters, the creature didn't notice them and soon moved on, but those lads have been deeply affected by it nonetheless.

I am certainly not the first person to uncover sightings of this nature in the area though. Throughout 2006-2007 dozens of articles were printed in local newspapers relaying tales of mysterious howling and sightings of wolf-men, and quite a few people came forward with details of their experiences. Many of these cases were investigated by my friend and fellow researcher Nick Redfern, who has written about Cannock Chase in a number of his best selling books. Several of the incidents Nick refers to happened within the confines of the infamous German Cemetery, which is home to the graves of some 5000 Austrian and German soldiers who fought and died in WW1 and WW2. However, I'll go into that place more thoroughly in another post.

So, if people are regularly seeing werewolf type critters during the daytime, what possible explanations could there be? Well, I admit the idea that these creatures are in fact real wolves isn't entirely beyond the realms of possibility, but scientifically it is highly unlikely. This can be illustrated by the fact that, officially, all the wild-wolves of England were killed many years ago by hunters. Although some researchers do believe that small packs may continue to survive, successfully evading human attention, in the deepest, darkest areas of England's forests, I feel this theory can be ruled out for the vast majority of sightings coming in from Cannock Chase, simply because the hairy beast people claim to see, is reported as being much to large to resemble an English Wolf.

As discussed previously, the standardized understanding of werewolves also collapses when we are dealing with daytime sightings, so could it be possible that we are not dealing with an entirely physical creature? Could the werewolf encounters, far from being hallucinations, represent just one element of the direct manifestations bought about by the opening of a genuinely fascinating, but incredibly rare, paranormal window? I'll leave you to ponder on that one.

The time has come for me to take my leave, but before I do, I'd like to offer you the only sincerely rational, yet admittedly slightly humorous, advice I have ever been given on the topic of snarling beasts:

Never moon a werewolf!

Until next time my friends......

Written by Lee Brickley 2013