Thursday, 20 June 2013

Cannock Chase UFO Sighting 1996

It's just a quick one from me today. I thought perhaps some of you might be interested in this UFO sighting report I received.........

NAME: Richard B******


SIGHTING DETAILS: In Summer of 1996 (maybe June, around 730pm) I witnessed, along with other people a UFO in Chadsmoor, Cannock, Staffordshire, UK. I was on a bank on the common between the moon under the water and the nest pubs and I witnessed clearly, a silver flying saucer shaped object with reflective orbs/lights around it. It was hovering at landing plane height above the Church in central Chadsmoor, from here it shot to my right and re-appeared around half a mile further towards Cannock. It re-appeared again above the church and seemed to disappear and reappear in the same pattern or just hover for around half an hour. There were visible planes in the sky at the same time. It was not a plane, and its speed of movement was beyond recognition.

I get quite a few people contacting me with sightings of this nature as you will know if you've read through some of my other posts. Still, I intend to look into this instance a little further, so if anyone remembers seeing anything strange in the sky in 1996 – please get it touch

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Written by Lee Brickley 2013

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  1. I was there, I lived in the apartment above the doctors which was opposite the car park where a lot of people had gathered, interestingly enough, no-ones camera appeared to work, until it left for Stafford, across Cannock Chase.