Friday 14 October 2022

New for Halloween 2022: Haunted Cannock Chase - Real ghost stories from the UK's spookiest location


Haunted Cannock Chase: Real ghost stories from the UK's spookiest location - OUT NOW!!!

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Brand new ghost stories and reports of real paranormal activity from the UK's most haunted location - Cannock Chase.

Cannock Chase is a 26-mile-square forest in the heart of Staffordshire, England that has become known around the world as the UK's most active supernatural hotspot. Famous for the Pigman and the Black-Eyed Child, the woodlands and villages around the district are home to some of the freakiest occurrences ever reported anywhere in the world.

Haunted Cannock Chase features 16 never-before published tales of unexplained phenomena of the ghostly kind including:

- The Rugeley Radio Messages
- Old Maggie at Pye Green
- The Prince of Wales Phantom
- A Haunting on Shoal Hill
- Ghouls on the Golf Course
- Sirens on Hednesford Hills
- A Ghostly Encounter at Slitting Mill
- A Multi-Storey Mystery
Plus many more!

About the author

Lee Brickley is a paranormal investigator and author who has been researching Cannock Chase and all the strange goings on there for more than a decade. His previous books "Ghosts of Cannock Chase," "The Black-Eyed Child," and "UFOs, Werewolves, and the Pigman," have sold thousands of copies around the world. Lee regularly features as an expert guest on TV shows including ITV's This Morning.

Monday 1 August 2022

Woman Claims Ghost-Lover Is Best Sex She's Ever Had


Woman Claims Ghost-Lover Is Best Sex 

She's Ever Had

One evening in early September 2016, Josie awoke in the middle of the night to an unfamiliar, repetitive tapping noise that seemed to be coming from inside her bathroom. Believing she was listening to a dripping tap, the sleepy girl climbed out of bed and staggered across her apartment to investigate. As soon as she opened the bathroom door, the noise stopped and all was silent. “That’s weird,” Josie thought to herself before giving each tap a little twist to make sure they were turned off properly.

Upon returning to bed, Josie soon began to hear the strange tapping noise again. Frustrated, she ran back towards her bathroom and threw the door open. It was at that moment the young girl saw that the sound driving her crazy wasn’t coming from a dripping tap. As Josie looked on in amazement, she saw the doors of her vanity unit were opening and closing by themselves. “What the hell?” She thought to herself before reaching forwards to hold the doors closed. They did not offer any resistance.

The bewildered Miss Sanderson stood there for a moment perplexed. She knew it was impossible for a gust of wind or anything similar to create such phenomena in her home, and unless there were rats inside the vanity unit, nothing could make the doors open and close in such an unusual way. Josie slowly pulled the handle towards herself, knelt down and checked inside. There were no rats!

A few moments later, the young girl noticed something apparently unexplainable happening to her bathroom mirror which had steamed up during all the commotion.

Josie watched as a small, clear patch of mirror where there was no steam grew and stretched, eventually forming a vertical line. Then another clear dot formed on the surface of the mirror before stretching into the shape of the letter “m.” Josie quickly realised that someone was writing in the steam on the mirror, and although she never believed in the paranormal before that moment, the young girl accepted that ghostly activity was the only rational explanation for her experience. She watched intensely as the words “I’m Frank” appeared right in front of her face....

Read the full story and many others in this new book...

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Available around the world. Just search Amazon for "In Love With A Ghost"


Sunday 31 July 2022

NEW RELEASE: In Love With A Ghost: Real stories of normal people in paranormal relationships


In Love With A Ghost: 

Real stories of normal people in paranormal relationships

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What would you do if a ghost appeared in your bedroom every night? You’d probably move house as quickly as possible and hope it doesn’t follow you, right? Well, not everyone thinks the same way.

Some folks out there have an entirely different reaction to that situation, and believe it or not, hundreds of them claim to be in loving relationships with entities from beyond the grave.

There are those who receive regular visits from their deceased husbands and wives. Many feel no need to move on or seek new partners because they are still very much in love, and their spouse continues to hang around.

Then there are those who fall for a spirit that just happens to be haunting their home. It might sound unlikely, but increasing numbers of people find themselves in this position, and some even claim to enjoy acts of physical love with their phantom boyfriends and girlfriends.

It is well known that ghosts can send a shiver down a person’s spine, but what is not as well known, is that some people seem to enjoy it.

This book features real stories from normal people in paranormal relationships.

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About the author

Lee Brickley is a paranormal investigator and author of many books on different aspects of the supernatural. He regularly appears on TV shows as a ghost hunting expert, and has travelled all over the world seeking out high strangeness and documenting his experiences.

Saturday 16 July 2022

Scary But True: Ghost Stories From Around The World - Out Now!


Scary But True: Ghost Stories From Around The World

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Welcome to Scary But True: Ghost Stories From Around The World by best-selling paranormal author, Lee Brickley.

This title contains brand new, never-before published ghost stories for teens and adults from the archives of the UK's most celebrated paranormal investigator. There really is something for everyone in this book. From poltergeists in Prague and Edinburgh to haunted arrowheads in Arizona, Brickley details some of the most shocking tales from his many years' of supernatural research.

Do ghost pirates haunt the waters of Somalia? Is there really a Darkman of Madrid? And why are the people of Splott in Cardiff so terrified of a demon clown? Find out for yourself! Read all these stories and more in Scary But True.

About the author:

Lee Brickley has written and published books on the paranormal for more than ten years. His interest in the supernatural began during childhood when he lived in a haunted house. Since that time, the research of strange and unusual happenings has become his main passion. Lee regularly works as an advisor for TV and film, and has appeared as a ghost-hunting expert in many documentaries.

"Lee is a real-life ghostbuster!" - Eamonn Holmes, This Morning, 2014

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Available from Amazon

Sunday 12 June 2022

Skinwalkers at Cannock Chase


Shapeshifting Skinwalkers and half human Pigman 'haunting UK

Paranormal investigator Lee Brickley has gathered eye-witness accounts of the spooky goings-on around Cannock Chase, a beauty spot supposedly home to a range of sinister beings.

Eerie shapeshifting Skinwalkers are haunting a beauty spot in Birmingham, according to a paranormal investigator.

The shadowy supernatural figures apparently have the ability to appear as other animals, with goats being a particularly popular choice.

Author Lee Brickley, whose books on the supernatural are best-sellers, has gathered eye-witness testimony of the spooky goings-on around Cannock Chase.

The beautiful wooded area in Staffordshire is supposedly a hub of paranormal activity.

Not only is it home to Skinwalkers, it's also said to be frequented by werewolves, UFOs, a half-human half-hog apparition known as the Pigman, and the Black Eyed Child – an infant with hollow, charcoal black eye sockets.

Lee outlines his discoveries in his latest book Skinwalkers: Real encounters with shapeshifters, UFOs and interdimensional beings.

Skinwalkers frequently appear in the legends of North America’s Navajo tribe, reports BirminghamLive, and Lee has concluded that the Pigman may in fact be one.

Lee, from Cannock, said: “Inuits in the Arctic tell stories about shapeshifters they call Ijiraq that kidnap children.

"In Ireland and all old celtic regions, including Wales and Scotland, they have Púca, a shapeshifter that can appear as a goat and other animals.

“Then you have things like werewolves first described by the ancient Greeks. Could they be Shapeshifters?

"The idea of the book is to show that shapeshifting beings have been sighted and reported all around the world for thousands of years, and they could all be the same thing, rather than separate creatures.

“I even entertain the idea that the Cannock Chase Pigman could also fit the mould.”

Skinwalkers are currently a very hot topic, thanks to one Utah ranch that is allegedly awash with them.

Terry Sherman became so spooked by constant fires in the sky and paranormal beasts that he sold the 512 acre spread just 18 months after moving in.

For Terry, the repeated mutilation of his herd – “in an oddly surgical and bloodless manner” – was the final straw.

The land was purchased by UFO enthusiast Robert Bigelow. Despite round-the-clock surveillance, Bigelow has yet to “capture any meaningful physical evidence supporting the Shermans’ incredible stories”, states website

Lee added: “In this book, I look at many different stories of shapeshifters from folklore and real reports around the world, and identify all the similarities.

"I’m basically attempting to show people that the entities they call Skinwalkers are not confined to Skinwalker Ranch in Utah, and are, in fact, all around the world – they have been for centuries."

Sunday 29 May 2022




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I first became aware of the skinwalker concept as a youngster during the late 1990s, and my fascination has only intensified in the decades that have passed since then. It seemed, therefore, rather logical to me that one day I might seek out the opportunity to delve a little deeper into the phenomena. This book contains the results of more than a year’s worth of research that dragged me out of the UK and led me through Europe, Russia, and even the spiritual home of the skinwalker - America.
Before we take a look at some of the new reports uncovered during my investigation, It’s important to first clear a few things up about skinwalkers and their origin. If you were to take a look at Wikipedia, you’d see that the term “skinwalker” comes directly from the Navajo language and is said to literally translate as "by means of it, it goes on all fours”. To the idigenous folks, skinwalkers are evil witches who use dark and twisted magic to cause harm and counteract the good work of the responsible medicine people of the tribe. They can shapeshift, appear and vanish at will, and their presence is always considered to be a bad omen.

The main issue people encounter when attempting to research skinwalkers is that Native American culture stipulates that details of these creatures are not to be discussed with outsiders. Sure, the tribal elders are willing to admit they have ancient stories related to the skinwalkers, but most aren’t too keen to divulge the ins and outs. In the mainstream at least, the vast majority of people only understand the basic concept I’ve already outlined. I wanted to know more, much more, and a chance encounter with a homeless man on Westminster Bridge in London, UK, on February 2nd 2021, sparked a chain of events that would eventually lead to a massive change in my understanding of the skinwalker phenomenon. Little did I know, the information I was about to receive from the random stranger would turn my life upside down.

Westminster Bridge is a busy crossing point, and it’s easy for anyone to get trampled if they fall down or fail to move at the same speed as the stampeding crowd. On the afternoon in question, I had taken the time to visit a friend whose child was under the care of doctors at St Thomas Hospital - it was only a short walk from the bridge. I left the hospital at precisely 3pm. I know this because that is the time at which the ward nurses told me all visits must end. Less than five minutes later, I found myself squashed between a charging pride of people all attempting to cross the River Thames with little regard for anyone who dared to get in their way. This darwinian attitude is no doubt what led to a man being pushed to the floor by the angry mob right in front of me.

Unlike the other few hundred people on the bridge that day, my life is not so busy that I can’t stop to help someone in need, so that’s exactly what I did. The man lying on the ground in front of me looked a little bewildered, but I managed to use my body to create enough space for him to clamber back to his feet. I grabbed his hand and helped him up. We both quickly resumed our pace to avoid being re-trampled by the crowd and were soon off the bridge. After thanking me for the assistance in some type of unfamiliar American accent, the stranger asked if he could buy me a coffee, and because I don’t turn down free drinks, I agreed.

We chatted for a while on the walk to the coffee shop which was only a few hundred metres away, and I learned my new friend’s name was Machakw (although he told me most people call him Mat). Over a couple of hot drinks, I asked Mat about his unusual name and was informed that his family were from the Hopi Native American tribe and most of them still lived on the Hopi Reservation in northeastern Arizona. Being a writer of supernatural books, I explained my interest in Native American folklore and my particular fascination with the Navajo skinwalker legends, much to Mat’s amusement.

“Ah, so you’re one of those guys who thinks it’s all Navajo too, then?” He quipped with a smirk curling into his cheeks. “The problem with you people is that you can never see the bigger picture. It’s not just the Navajo, you know. Almost every single Native American tribe has stories about the skinwalkers, and the Hopi is no different. Some of the details might change from place to place, but we all fear the skinwalkers just the same. They are responsible for many “so-called” natural disasters and sicknesses that have plagued my people, and the worst thing is, originally, they were just like you and me.”

I pushed Mat to tell me all the information he could whilst being sensitive to the fact that most Native Americans will not talk to anyone about this stuff. It soon became clear that Mat was no average guy from the reservation. He flew to London a couple of years previously in an attempt to build a life away from his homeland and culture, which he deemed restrictive. Unfortunately for this adventurer, things hadn’t gone according to plan, and he was now homeless in the UK with no financial means of getting home, and from the impression I got, he was too ashamed to call his elders and ask for help.

While I felt sorry for the guy, it also became apparent that the usual secrecy rules around Native American lore might not apply in this instance, and I have to admit I was excited. Mat continued to tell me about his knowledge of the skinwalkers.

“It’s not like they’re demons or anything like that. They’re just people from a very long time ago who worked out how to use magic to change themselves into something else. Something un-human. They see it as a progression. Like evolution I suppose. And they’ve been hopping between here and the other world since long before the Hopi and Navajo built their societies. Hell, they’ve been here since long before a single human being stepped foot in the Americas. We call them skinwalkers, but they’ve got other names all around the world. People need to wake up and realise they’re all the same thing.”

We discussed the matter at length for the next two hours, and my new friend spilled the beans on everything. I asked him about Skinwalker Ranch in Utah, and he said he never visited the location, but people from his tribe believe there is a curse on the land and that skinwalkers are active in the area. Mat offered to give me the name of a Hopi Native American friend who would be able to provide some assistance should I ever attempt to visit the ranch myself. I wrote it down, although I would have never imagined I’d make such a trip at that point.

It was getting dark outside, and so I double checked that my new friend had somewhere to sleep that evening before taking my leave. As Mat was homeless, he didn’t have a mobile phone or an email address, and so it was impossible to keep in touch with him through conventional means. I did, however, hope I would bump into him in Westminster again one day.

I drove home, opened my laptop, and began frantically typing up everything I could remember from my afternoon’s conversation. Mat’s comments about skinwalkers originating in ancient times and having different names and descriptions all over the world got me thinking. I was more than aware of shapeshifting creatures in legends and folklore from Rome, Greece, Egypt, and even Sumeria, but was it really possible that all of these stories are somehow linked? I wasn’t sure. Thankfully, I have hundreds of mythology books in my library, and so I began the work of researching and comparing various accounts from around the world. The results were absolutely staggering!

The Berserkers or “Bear Warriors” were once a huge cult that spread over much of the northern hemisphere. Some scholars believe they were humans capable of transforming into ferocious bears during battle. Indeed, the term “go berserk” literally means to “change form.” There were also the Ulfheðnar or “Wolf Warriors” and Jöfurr or “Boar Warriors”

that Indo-Europeans, Turks and Mongols claim had many of the same characteristics. Make no mistake, these were real people who did lots of real fighting, but there are tales of magic and shapeshifting involved that we can’t ignore.

In the arctic, inuit people fear shapeshifting monsters known as “ijiraq.” These beings can appear in any form, and are known to kidnap children who are never seen again. Interestingly, inuit people believe the ijiraq to inhabit the space between two worlds, and the folklore suggests it is impossible to look straight at one of the creatures. People see them in the corner of their eyes, but when they turn for a direct look, the being disappears.

Ancient Greeks told stories of many shapeshifters including Nereus, the oldest son of Gaia (the Earth) and Proteus, his younger brother.

The “Púca” comes from Celtic folklore and refers to what ancient Irish people believed was a spirit that could bring good or bad fortune, and there are differing versions of the story in all Celtic regions across Europe. For example, the Welsh call it “Pwca,” and Cornish people refer to it as “Bucca.” All of these legends have the same root, and all of them relay a story of a spirit or monster that can shapeshift, usually with a desire to cause harm.

As I sank into the comfortable chair in my library with a pile of mythology books propping up my ashtray, it felt as though a light bulb turned on inside my head. Reading the many different myths and legends from around the world, I found it impossible to ignore the startling similarities between the seemingly unconnected cases. My rational mind told me that I would never discover the true origin of the skinwalker phenomena, but my inquisitive mind continued to tempt me. Could it be true that stories of apparently different shapeshifters from around the world are all linked? Is “skinwalker” just a Native American term for something much older and more terrifying than anyone realises? I had to find out.

The following morning, my investigation began with the purchase of a new notebook and a discounted airline ticket to Germany. I had received an email a couple of months previously from a fan of my paranormal books who lived just outside of Berlin, and they claimed to have witnessed a human turning into a wolf in a woodland near their home. At the time, I did not intend to investigate the case further, but now I was officially on the hunt for skinwalkers and shapeshifters, it seemed like a good place to start.

I flew from Gatwick to Berlin in less than two hours, and I spent the entire flight reading an old essay about a shapeshifter from German folklore called the Aufhocker. According to the author, the creature can appear in any shape including a goblin and various animals, and the name literally translates to mean “leap upon.” It all sounded very skinwalker to me, and I hoped that my host Stefan might be able to shed some more light on the legend that very evening. I was not disappointed.

This book begins with a detailed description of Stefan’s shapeshifter encounter from Rehhahn forest in Brandenburg, which is just a few miles from the centre of Berlin. It is the first new report I collected, but it certainly wasn’t the last.

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Saturday 28 May 2022

SKINWALKERS: Real encounters with shapeshifters, UFOs and interdimensional beings - Featuring new reports from the Skinwalker Ranch and beyond!

New Release: 

Real encounters with shapeshifters, UFOs and interdimensional beings - Featuring new reports from the Skinwalker Ranch and beyond!

Skinwalkers have existed within Native American culture for thousands of years, but it is only in recent times that the phenomena has gained in popularity around the world thanks to incredible reports coming out of Skinwalker Ranch in Utah, USA. There have been unexplained lights in the sky, cattle mutilations and claims of evil shapeshifting entities wreaking havoc.

Stories of shapeshifters have been told all over the globe for centuries by people from unconnected cultures. Many of the tales from folklore contain the same basic elements, and that is what led author and researcher Lee Brickley to begin the investigation detailed in this book.

Brickley looks at the similarities between skinwalkers and shapeshifters from various cultures around the world while embarking on an adventure that saw him travel from the UK, across Europe, into Ukraine, Russia, Mongolia, Chile, and eventually to Skinwalker Ranch in Utah. The stories people told along the way were fascinating, and the things Brickley witnessed and experienced first-hand were totally out of this world!

Were shapeshifting skinwalkers to blame for the catastrophy at Chernobyl in 1986? Is there really a secret Cold War base in the middle of the Gobi Desert where top secret military personnel from Russia and China once attempted to seal a portal through to another dimension? Is there a hidden fasciilty under Skinwalker Ranch where scientists and soldiers battle against a potential incoming shapeshifter invasion? There's only one way to find out.

About the author:

Lee Brickley is a paranormal expert, Ufologist, and Cryptozoologist from the UK. He shot to fame in 2014 due to his coverage of the black eyed child phenomenon and other supernatural reports from Cannock Chase.

Brickley has since written numerous books on the subject of the paranormal, bigfoot, and much more.

His latest effort "Leave This House: The frightening true story of the Birmingham Poltergeist" is also available now.

Thank you!

Sunday 13 March 2022

Move Over Enfield: Birmingham Had A Much Scarier Poltergeist!

The Birmingham Poltergeist Case

While most British people were sat at home hiding away from the global pandemic in 2021, one paranormal investigator received a letter from a family in Birmingham who were experiencing strange and unusual phenomena in their home. Cupboards were opening and closing on their own in the kitchen, doors were slamming, and there were regular busts of knocking sounds coming from inside the bedroom walls. 

Paranormal expert Lee Brickley soon arrived at the scene and realised his worst assumptions were true: the family were dealing with a malevolent poltergeist that was haunting their home. What's worse is that the entity appeared to have taken a liking to the family's young daughter who began to exhibit weird and eerie behaviour, speaking in tongues and on one occasion, even levitating. 

It is believed the haunting began when the mother of the family bought an antique photoframe into the home. She believed it to be empty, but was shocked to discover an old photograph hidden inside the frame of an evil-looking man. She soon realised that no matter what she did, it was impossible to destroy or dispose of the photograph. 

Brickley soon worked out that discovering the identity of the evil old man in the photo was critical for ridding the family and the house of the unholy spirit, and the entire investigation is detailed in his new book "Leave This House: The frightening true story of the Birmingham Poltergeist" which is now Available from Amazon worldwide. 

Want to know what happened and how things went down?

Wednesday 9 March 2022

Leave This House! The frightening true story of the Birmingham Poltergeist



Leave This House! The frightening true story of the Birmingham Poltergeist

One of the most violent and intense manifestations of paranormal activity witnessed in the UK for decades, the Birmingham Poltergeist case occured during a single week in 2021 when real-life Ghostbuster and celebrity supernatural expert Lee Brickley began to investigate strange goings-on at a modest family home in Gravelly Hill, Erdington. From the moment Brickley arrived at the property, it was clear something was very, very wrong, and the seasoned ghost hunter knew he had to act fast. This book contains an entire eyewitness account of the terrifying events that would soon unravel.

From knives and cutlery flying around the kitchen to a scary-looking old photograph that just couldn't be destroyed, the family involved in this haunting were subjected to unimaginable levels of torment and cruelty at the hands of the otherworldly entities invading their lives. A mother and father with two young daughters who, through no fault of their own, became embroiled in a battle for their very souls against a malevolent killer from beyond the grave.

This one will freak you out!!!

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Tuesday 16 November 2021

British Bigfoot Evidence Found at Cannock Chase


As I'm sure many of the people reading this blog post are already aware, the evidence I discovered of the British Bigfoot at Cannock Chase recently made its way into the national and international headlines. 

You can check out some of the stories from the media below...

The Mirror also comissioned me to write an article about myself and how I became a paranormal investigator. If you're interested in reading about that, there's a link here:

Lastly, the LadBible decided to cover the column I wrote for the Mirror, and you can take a look at that here:

If you would like to know more about the Bigfoot footprint and tree markings I found at Cannock Chase, you can grab a copy of my new book "On the hunt for the British Bigfoot" from Amazon...or you can click the book cover below. 

Catch you next time!

Lee Brickley 

Saturday 30 October 2021

Ghosts of Cannock Chase: This Halloween's Spookiest Book!


Ghosts of Cannock Chase: This Halloween's Spookiest Book!

Cannock Chase in Staffordshire is one of the most haunted locations in the UK. People have reported hundreds of ghost sightings over the years, amongst which is the infamous Black Eyed Child. 

In this new book, Paranormal Expert Lee Brickley publishes brand new reports of paranormal activity from the UK's most spooky place. 

The book has already become an Amazon best-seller, and if you haven't read it yet, you don't know what you're missing!

Click here to get a copy of the book

Click here to get a copy of the book

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