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Demonic Black-Eyed Children

UPDATE 2021: Paranormal investigator Lee Brickley has a new book available about the paranormal happenings on Cannock Chase. Read it here: UK Link - US Link or click the book cover below!

In the summer of 1982, my auntie was 18 years old. She and her friends would often meet and “chill” (her word, not mine) on Cannock Chase in the evening time, probably in much the same way many teenagers still do today. One of the groups many pastimes involved donning horror masks and attempting to scare away couples, who often used the area for illicit liaisons.

During one such evening, at around 9:45pm, just before dark, my auntie, several times, heard a little girl frantically shouting for help. Rushing to locate the sound, she stumbled upon a dirt track and caught sight of the 6-8 year old girl, running in the opposite direction, shouting “help mommy help”. Immediately my auntie started to run after the child, but was unable to keep up pace. During the pursuit, she tripped and received a huge gash in her toe, but still she continued to run. By now it was getting dark and the little girl had reached an area of very densely planted, thick and bushy trees. She turned around to face my auntie, looked her dead in the eyes, and then ran off into the dark, compact woodland. At this point, probably very wisely, the decision was made to give up.

Upon returning home from hospital (she had to get that toe seen to), my auntie was advised that it would probably be a good idea to call the police and let them know what she had witnessed. She did so, and was told by the investigating officer, to stay by the phone. At 7:30am the following morning, the household was awoken by a whole team of police personnel with tracker dogs, who asked her to show them exactly where she had seen the little girl. They hadn't received any reports of missing children and, in the end, didn't find anything, but thankfully it seems the police take any sighting of this nature very seriously. At the time, no one really had any reason to believe anything paranormal was going on, the girl certainly appeared to be of flesh and blood. It was only later, when discussing the incident with a neighbor, that my auntie was made aware of Raymond Morris's 1960's child killings in the area. Sufficed to say, this revelation really spooked her.

Although there have been many other sightings of this nature in the area, and I certainly don't completely rule out the theory that they are indeed the “ghosts” of children murdered by Morris, to me it seems that, as these children often appear to be completely solid and never really show any unusual qualities, their origin could lay squarely in the realms of the occult.

I have already discussed the Cornovii tribe (people of the horn) and their fascination with satanic ritual and human sacrifice. That was 2000 years ago, but still their legacy continues. It is fairly common for people to see groups of hooded individuals chanting and drawing pentagrams in the dirt to this very day, although I am not suggesting they would harm a child, as it states clearly in their doctrine that “the ninth rule of the Eleven Satanic Rules of the Earth is: Do not harm little children”. However, we know that Satanists like to conjure up demons, and which entities are their number one preference? You guessed it – Child Demons.

Demonic Children are, for the most part, considered to be the offspring of upper-level evil entities (although some are demon/human hybrids). They look like mortal children but are described as pure evil. Generally regarded as extremely dangerous, their powers are known to become even stronger with age. Take for example “Cambion”, also known as “The Devils Brat”, who, in medieval England, often took the form of a devious child, leading unknowing victims on a wild goose chase, frequently resulting in their death from a steep fall or something of the like: sound familiar?

In my mind it seems likely that even if my auntie had continued to chase that little girl, she would never have caught her, because it wasn't a child at all, but an evil force, planning to do away with my own family member. So it is a good job she gave up when she did. Imagine what could have happened if she had stayed out any longer. With darkness falling quickly in that relatively remote location, she could have easily lost her way. The woods can be extremely disorientating at night. Then what would have happened? 

Alone in England's spookiest woods with a demon-child: a situation to avoid at all costs, I think you will agree.  

Peace out my friends. Until next time ............

UPDATE 2021: Paranormal investigator Lee Brickley has a new book available about the paranormal happenings on Cannock Chase. Read it here: UK Link - US Link or click the book cover below!

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  1. A good little read

    1. very interesting article.

  2. Really good story man I think I know your face. I'm from Cannock and was raised in Huntington by the Chase, there was a string of serial murders years ago where child bodies were found I believe a couple of his child victims were found by the pit mound in a ditch on a roadside could these be angry spirits of similar circumstance? My father told me the wrong man was accused and was given unspeakable abuse by the locals of the time, after his name was cleared however he was never the same man and eventually killed himself. Sad stuff.

  3. Hi mate,

    thanks for your input! - I think you are right about that gent getting wrongfully accused - but they got the right one in the end. His name is Raymond Morris, and a little interesting fact is that he is still alive today and is one of England's longest serving prisoners.

  4. Interesting story! Always extra-disturbing to have reports of ghosts when you can verify that something like those murders happened.

    Though I won't say that I can see any tie in with Black Eyed Children which are a completely different phenomenon all together.

  5. Hi John

    Thanks for the comment.

    Perhaps I should have stated that the child's eyes were black - in the article itself ..... but I thought it would be obvious from the title?

    thanks for your input though

    1. LOL OK! Still, seeing as she was running away or at least leading you somewhere, this seems a departure from the normal BEK tactic of them getting you to let them in or allow them to interact with you somehow.

    2. Yes, but it did become less obvious given it was accompanied by a non-black eyed child picture haha.

  6. Very interesting. I only recently heard of the "Black-Eyed Children" stories. I confess that I don't know just what to make of these "sightings," but I find them the most chilling of all the different paranormal accounts out there.

  7. It would appear that when a person says ghost, that the person who died comes back to haunt someone. Balderdash as they say. The Bible clearly states that you do not come back as a ghost, that once you're dead, you're dead. The one and only time anyone came back is in first Samuel when this witch conjured Samuel back from the dead for king Saul, he was killed in battle for it, & God stated that it would never happen again. If a person sees someone who they believe is a lost loved one, God says they are deceiving spirits, & are from hell. You know Demons! They are the same demons that pose as UFO's. There are no aliens or UFO's, they are demons. Read your bible's or you will be among the millions that God says will be deceived during th tribulation period.

    1. Dear anonymous,your so wrong bout your bible story ! I thought Jesus came back from the dead ,so if your guna beat us with your bible at least get your facts right,and god didn't create man (Adam and Eve) as were does Neanderthal man fit in with your theory,eh !!! Did we walk upright then cum down from the trees and then walk upright ...again you religious fanatics are nuts of course their are aliens just because you say they isn't doesn't make it true thats your opinion bet you don't believe in evolution do ya ��

    2. Sometimes strange shot happens so who ya gonna call? Not the God squad that is for sure

  8. Good article. I have one criticism, though. No matter how Christianized Romans or Celts might have interpreted the Cornovii religion, I doubt that it had anything to do with Satan. Throughout much of their history, they would have been unaware of the concept.

  9. Satanism as an organized religion did not exist 2000 years ago. Warlocks (Bad or un-ethical witches) were usually loners expelled from Temples and other religious groups for heresy (or percieved heresy) by Pagan priests and priestesses.

    They received information via private revelations from Demons and other bad spirits in order to formulate their practice. And that's just one theory.

    The truth is, Warlocks are so secretive that even other Witches like myself don't really know or understand their inner workings or beliefs. All we can do is conjecture. But not all Warlocks are Satanists, some don't even work with demons or bad spirits. They just twist or pervert their original religion to a darker shape and then start binding spirits to do their bidding. Like Ghosts.

    That's what some of the Bokor do in Haiti (Not the Bokor from the Makaya tradition though)

    If there were Human sacrifices there 2000 yrs ago they may have been for appeasement to the old Gods as some (not all) Pagans did this in the mistaken belief that it was a requirement from the spirit world

    And even then there may be no actual historical evidence that, that took place.

    Furthurmore just because a child is half demon does not make them evil. Merlin was a Cambion according to Legend and he choose the side of Good even becoming a Prophet of God as well as a Pagan High Priest

    A person's race does not always make them predetermined for a specific fate.

    Legend has it that at least in the case of half demon children, if they are baptized at birth the connection between them and the Shadow Realm, Tartaros, Hell or whatever you want to call it becomes served.

    That's what Merlin's mother did with him at birth.

    1. Thank you all for your input.

    2. I was gonna mention that.

    3. Hi Lee, very nice article on the black eyed kids. The black eyed kids can be demons, because demons have a nature of disturbing others and causing malice. But it is less likely that they are ghosts since they are clearly solid and not spectral figures. In my article on black eyed kids, I have made a thorough research, mentioning all the theories and numerous real life cases of black eyed kids. Please read my article on my blog here and leave a comment if you like it:

    4. First of all, no one of the actual arts uses the word 'warlock' they are all witches, male or female.... those who were dark are still, even when practicing in solitude were still called priests and priestesses. Those who practice darker arts still do not usually have any relevance to Satanism, although the side of the dark exists to them.

      Now there are some who work the same way perhaps the evil would, by forcing others to work against their will, alive or dead (the dead would be called necromancy).

      Even demons are not all evil, some have more neutral tendencies, some have evil but are not strong, and then there are some who are more evil or could do more evil.

      However, 2000 years ago, Satanists did not exist because Satan is originated through the Christian religion which only just started then. Many believe that the Christians took a God from another religion (the Horned God) and demonized him, giving him a name so that they have the good vs. evil complex to explain what happens around them and to them. No different than most religions, I might add.

    5. Aye by the way the concept of Satan is part of the Old Testament not just the new testament, and thus has been around for a lot longer than 2,000 years. Just so you know

  10. Tabitha I used to believe something similar to what you are saying but in fact the accursed Satan is very real (and your enemy) and he has existed for a very long time. The Jews were quite aware of his existence as were the Zoroastrians and others.

  11. The Cornovii tribe even as part of the wider druid cult practiced human sacrifice and entrail augery, the reconstructionist faiths of today are peacefull people (knowing some myself) Modern Satanists would not have the power to invoke demon children. I am very curious as to who or what is behind this is there any clue of what we have to wait for in two weeks?

  12. Seems to be a bit of confusion about demons, aliens ufos etc etc all causing misunderstandings.

    They are all the same thing just interpreted differently based on ones knowledge...but they are all part of the same story.
    Research the sumerians - enuma elish .....understand the beginnings Anu, Enlil Enki.

    Read the creation story involving enki.adapa,ninharsag,damkina.....thats a start.

    Read about LILITU,LILITH ....then read of adamu and eve.

    I could tell you more - but will let you join the Dots.



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