Tuesday, 9 July 2013

An Evening On Cannock Chase

With my new book "UFO's Werewolves & The Pig-Man" due for release within the next couple of weeks, I thought perhaps it would be appropriate for me to spend one last evening UFO spotting and monster hunting on Cannock Chase, luckily my good friend and professional photographer David Reeves was still in town so my night was not spent alone. 

At around 11pm we began making our way towards the ancient Iron Age monument known as Castle Ring where many UFO and werewolf sightings have occurred. This was a warm summers night, so we were shocked to find the area completely deserted, but essentially glad to have some peace and quiet. 

We set up a couple of cameras looking out across the sky, towards the Pye-Green tower, armed ourselves with torches and sat waiting, and boy did we wait. It would appear July 4th has never been a particularly good day for the English (joke), still, we had both heard some strange noises coming from the surrounding woodland, so we chose to go mobile with the cameras and investigate.

Interestingly and as a little side point, my grandmothers ashes are scattered under a tree at Castle Ring, and the picture above was taken when pointing the camera in her direction. See the orbs? In total I took 5 pictures of that tree and two display orbs. I'm not totally convinced about white balls of light on photographs being some kind of entity, for me the jury is still out on that one, for the moment I will sit on the fence, but I have to admit the image above looks rather odd.

We hiked into the thickest area of forest within a reasonable distance from Castle Ring, a place I would not have gone alone had David not volunteered his time to accompany me. Whilst walking down a path with considerable overgrowth, I began to take more photographs in the hope of finding something interesting when I returned home. Now, I think I did actually capture something strange, take a look at this......

David and I both know exactly where we were located when this picture was taken, and can both say with 100% certainty that we were in total and complete darkness, there was no red light. So what could it be? Well, you can never rule out any unidentified light being a reflection caused by the camera's flash, but having been back to the location during daylight hours, and finding no reflective material lying around at all, we can evidently rule that hypothesis out. So could this really be something or someone trying to communicate? Perhaps, it's certainly caught my attention now anyway. 

At around 3am we called it a night, but not before hearing more weird noises coming from the surrounding area of trees. This time they sounded like a man walking towards us, but just as the sound of footsteps would appear nearer, they would seem to head off in a different direction, very much giving us the impression we were being watched. It was most definitely time to go, and we did so promptly. 

Let me know if you have any opinions on the origin of the red light in the photograph above, i'd be interested to find out the general consensus among the readers of this blog.

Cannock Chase is a fascinating and sometimes mystifying woodland, I really hope you all enjoy reading about it in my new book.

Until next time my friends.........

Written by Lee Brickley 2013


  1. The "red light" - my best guess is it's a reflection from the eyes of some animal whose tapetum (light-reflecting ocular membrane) gives a red or orange glow.

    The vertical splash of light would then be due to movement of the animal, camera shake, or a bit of both.

  2. OMgosh, I would NEVER ever go onto Cannock Chase in the dark. Are you Crazy, Lee!?-Christina x