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Everything You Need To Know About The Slender Man at Cannock Chase

Dear Paranormal Pals,

There has been a media storm during the last couple of days concerning some more strange sightings from the Cannock Chase area. As there is so much misinformation out there, I thought it would be a good idea to spend a few moments setting the record straight.

Over the last two months, sightings of a tall, dark and terrifying entity have been flooding in. The fact that so many people witnessed the same thing during such a short period fascinated me. As most of you know already, Cannock Chase is considered by many researchers to be a portal area. A place in which strange and unusual creatures appear at random moments with no explanation.

Now, there is a lot of confusion about the origins of Slender Man, and so I'd like to dispel a few myths. Firstly, it is important to note that many people all over the world claim to have encountered creatures of that description. While the term "Slender Man" may have only been in use since 2009, it is most certainly not a fictional creation. As I have said a few times in media interviews, re-branding happens from time to time in the paranormal world.

I'd like you to consider the idea that whoever "thinks" they created the character in 2009 simply took inspiration from the many sightings that have occurred for the last two thousand years. They came up with the name, and the rest is history. However, you have to acknowledge the fact that their idea was not original, and it had been around under different guises for millennia.

In Germany the entity is referred to as "Der Grossman" or "The Tall Man"

In Holland they call it "Fear Dubh" or "The Black Man"

The entity is even mentioned in some Taino sources (an early Caribbean civilisation) where it is called "Hupia"

I could go on.

As far as the Cannock Chase cases go, it's still early days. I'm monitoring the witnesses to see if the events repeat themselves. However, it looks likely that most of the incidents that happened within local homes can be put down to sleep paralysis. I draw that conclusion based on the circumstances surrounding the events, and the condition and personality of those involved.

The most interesting sightings I've received so far are from people who claim to have seen this tall, dark spectre or  monster in the woods. The reason they fascinate me so much is that none of the witnesses could have been asleep. They were all walking in roughly the same area of Cannock Chase, and their reports are startlingly similar.

I will continue to interview people if more sightings come in over the next few weeks,

We are all aware of the strangeness that goes down at this Staffordshire forest, and I know most of you are just as eager as me to discover the truth. One theory could be that we are dealing with a single entity. Something that has the ability to transform into different creatures, or perhaps something that appears differently to different people? That might help to explain why so many werewolf, pig-man, panther, and black eyed children sightings have come to light in the recent times.

At the moment, it's still early days. Hopefully I'll have some kind of conclusion for you in the near future.

I've included some of the sighting reports below so you can all take a look.

I look forward to seeing you back here soon.

Warmest Regards,

Lee Brickley

Sighting one:

Date: 2nd January 2015

Location: Castle Ring

Time: 02:00am

Report: While taking a midnight stroll around Castle Ring last Friday morning, I happened to notice a strange figure in the distance. It appeared to rise out of the trees and hover over the path around 100m in front of me. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard the stories of Spring-Heeled Jack, but if you have, this thing seemed to look pretty similar to all those old artists impressions. It was very dark, but I could see it clearly because of the lights coming from Rugeley. It was also a pretty clear night. If I were to compare it to anything, I would say it looked like a stereotypical Victorian gentleman. Long black overcoat with a Homburg hat. Except, I know this was no flying human. I know that because it had blood red eyes that shone in the night sky. It also had a mouth full of teeth that seemed to look like razors. Whatever it was, it stopped hovering and descended back into the trees. Needless to say, I did not investigate any further.

Sighting two:

I was awoken yesterday morning just before 2am by an odd scratching noise in my bedroom. I instantly sat upright in bed in an attempt to discover whatever was causing the sound. To my astonishment, there was what seemed like a sphere-shaped shadow by the edge of my wardrobe. As I tried to get out of bed and investigate further, the shadow began to stretch towards the ceiling. It was at that point I found myself faced with the most disgusting and horrific creature imaginable. It was about 8 feet tall, and had a white face with razor sharp fangs. It almost looked like a vampire. I fell back into my bed and the creature started moving towards me. Its arms stretched out to almost twice their original length, and I felt claws scraping at my skin. I let out a scream in fear for my life, and the creature retreated back into the corner of my room. It then shrank back down into a ball and slowly faded away.

Sighting three:

I don’t really know who else to turn to. The weirdest thing happened last night, and I just don’t know what to make of it. At half past two in the morning while I was sleeping, I heard a bang that woke me from my dream. As my eyes opened, I saw a man floating over me. He was so close that I would have headbutted him if I moved an inch. I could see into his eyes. They were a fierce red colour that shook me to my very core. Although he didn’t speak, I knew what he was thinking. It was as though he was talking to me telepathically. He definitely wanted to hurt me, but there was something stopping him. It was almost like he was someone gaining power from scaring me though. Maybe something bad will happen when he gets strong enough? For what it’s worth, I’m not a nutcase, and I work for a local business of which you will be familiar. It just seemed the anger in his eyes grew stronger as I was feeling more scared. The ordeal ended when the man (who was completely dressed in black with a hat to match) floated higher and higher above my until he hit my ceiling and disappeared.

Thanks for stopping by. See you soon - Lee

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