Friday, 10 May 2013

UFO Sighting Report 2013 - Blue Lights At Hednesford

It's just a short post from me today. 

Whilst taking a break from editing my forthcoming book last week, I noticed a new sighting report in my email inbox from a gentleman who resides in the small town of Hednesford. As my workload is pretty heavy at the moment, I will be unable to meet up with Mr Graham until next week, but he kindly gave me permission to publish his initial report, so here it is.....

NAME: T*** Graham


DATE: 1/5/13 - (May 1st for any U.S readers)


LOCATION: Hednesford Hills

DETAILS: My son and I were out using our RC plane on Hednesford Hills last night and we saw some lights in the sky. At the time listed above, we saw four bright blue lights moving up and down vertically in the direction of Littleworth Road. We tried to get some pictures but my phone is quite old so they look rubbish and you cant see anything on them. I don't know if you might have any idea as to what it was it was? I've personally never seen anything like it. It was almost as if the lights were running up and down a wire attached from the ground to the sky.

Mr Graham's claims can be seen as very interesting, not least because Hednesford Hills is widely known to have been an area of ritualistic importance to England's ancient druids. It is also only a mile or so away from Castle Ring and the Pye-Green Tower, so we shouldn't be too shocked to hear odd things occur in this location. Reports of unexplained lights in the skies around Cannock Chase are becoming more and more frequent in recent times, could this be a sign that something extraterrestrial is afoot?

I will report back next week on my meeting with Mr Graham. Perhaps then I might be able to shed some more light on the matter. Until that time, if anyone else saw anything odd on May 1st this year, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Peace Out!

Written by Lee Brickley - 2013


  1. I will be eagerly awaiting your update.

  2. I should have some more info up on Thursday or Friday