Monday, 12 October 2020

EXCLUSIVE: Black Eyed Child Sighting at Cannock Chase


This is a brand new exclusive sighting video of the black eyed girl of Cannock Chase taken on 10th October 2020 by a local resident. 

Here is a quote from the resident:

"I was walking at Birches Valley on Cannock Chase recording some footage of the woods for my family who live in America. They just wanted to see what my local area is like. You can see the black eyed girl walk into the shot from the left-hand side. She terrified me. I've never felt so scared in all my life. I was frozen still for a moment, and then she pointed straight at me. I ran away and didn't look back, and that's the last I saw of her. I've honestly never experienced anything like it before, but after reading about the black eyed children from Cannock Chase online, I thought I'd better send my footage over."

This is perhaps one of the best sighting videos we have of the black eyed girl from Cannock Chase to date. After a highly-publicised wave of sightings a few years ago, it's unsurprising to see more surfacing as we approach this time of year. Lots of people believe different things about the black eyed child. Some believe she is an alien or a demon, but I tend to think it's more likely she's a spirit lost in the woods attempting to find the way to her final resting place. If anyone else sees anything, please get in touch!.


Lee Brickley 

Monday, 10 April 2017